Civic Club Comminity

Every activity or event in which Civic Club participates or creates reflects our shared commitment to
promote our community. We reach out to others in need through our Community Outreach, provide avenues for the children in our community to thrive, support family, and ensure long-standing community traditions. We bring our community together while forming lifetime friendships.

For more information on this years Commuinty outreach click here

Sign Up to Reinvest
in Our Community

With 34 Committees this year, everyone gets a chance to contribute to the success of each event. Sign-up clipboards are passed around for our community events at nearly every General Meeting.

Decorating "Outreach" gift baskets at Christmastime

Our Community Outreach program has sponsored "Families in Transition,"
collected food and clothing for local charities, even prom dresses needed by local students.

Visitors are always welcome at our General Meeting

We meet monthly to conduct Club business, discuss upcoming Club events, establish procedures and distribute funds, all in a positive and friendly atmosphere.