If April showers indeed bring May flowers, our May should be lovely. With all the turmoil, uncertainty, anxiety, it is reassuring to see the beauty around us including snow on our mountains. On a lovely day it is so hard to realize how very sad so much of the world is. It is so difficult to comprehend that it is not just isolated areas, but the entire world. 

Working on the Archive committee, I have had the opportunity to read the rich history of club. I wonder what members will think of this time when they read about it 10-20 years from now! I have to admit my year as president has been full of “unusual” events, but never could we have imagined something like this pandemic with everything closed from schools to churches to businesses and being isolated from friends and family. 

Many things are so different, but SMCC still hopes to have money for some philanthropy and educational awards. Our commitment to supporting the community carries on the best we can. Club and your board keep working on projects; undoing the spring luncheon has been a major use of time. And, our Zoom meetings are interesting, a little chaotic, and unpredictable as is the case with lots of the communication platforms. 

This is typically a very busy time of the year for Club. So many things need to be taken care of including electing and installing a new board, philanthropies need to be selected; educational awards need to be presented, along with a myriad of things that come with the end of a club year. That also means it is report writing time again for Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and Ways and Means Chairmen. Maggie Ellis will do her magic and summarize all of our reports into a readable document. 

Since we have been unable to meet, and it seems we will not be able to meet any time soon, it is important for Club that you do keep track of and read e-blasts, announcements, and the newsletter. Everyone needs to be in the loop and everyone’s input/opinions are important. We are a strong group that will continue to accomplish much, but we are strong because we ALL are valuable and valued contributors 

It is so important that we all stay in touch with each other—both for Club business and for our own peace of mind. We are a group that does enjoy each other and we are social. Be safe; be strong; reach out; support and care for each other. Share what you are doing and how you are spending your “safe at home time!”    

2019 Sierra Madre Civic Club Board