Good for Us! I am so proud of the way Club members are adapting to new ways to meet and communicate! We had our second Zoom general meeting with 42 members attending. There will always be glitches as that is part of technology! Where would we be with Zoom if it weren’t for the expertise and patience of Gwen Robertson! Communication is so important and even more so now that we cannot have our meetings in person. The enthusiasm, pleasure, and interest from members makes it clear we are “in business” and moving ahead the best we can. 

We have many ways to keep in touch and keep informed in addition our monthly Zooms—and by the way, Sue Quinn as Parliamentarian is going to guide us in updating our bylaws so that we meet Robert’s Rules! Every month, all members receive the wonderful, newsy, creative, colorful newsletter full of articles, pictures, and updates. A big thank you goes to each person that contributes and especially to Margaret Switzer who gets our articles and contributions and turns it all into an inviting work of art. And, we have the fun pictures to share because Birgitta Gerlinger is “all over town” taking pictures along with back up from Sue Quinn, Mary Lou Caldwell, Maria Decker and others. I hope we remember to help by taking pictures from our “little meetings, gatherings” that can be added to the selection. 

In addition to Zoom and our newsletter, we have Heidi Hartman monitoring our website and keeping it up to date and Maria Decker posting on our Facebook page! Alice Clark is working hard to keep Civic Club news in the Mountain View News. Another source of information is the e-blast that comes out with the “most current announcements.” We have used e-blast more than in the past, but it is a necessary tool for keeping everyone in the loop! Judie Cimino is right on getting information out in a timely manner. And, last but not least, Mary Higgins has the minutes from our meetings attached to each newsletter; being secretary is not the easiest of jobs at any time but trying to keep up with everyone during a Zoom is even more challenging. As daunting as the task might be, Mary does such an excellent job. 

We as a Club are so fortunate to have so many hard working, talented ladies to keep us informed. I just wanted to “celebrate” all the members who work behind the scenes to keep us current and connected. They certainly deserve our gratitude and a standing ovation! I hope you all will take the time to read the newsletter, minutes, eblasts, check the website, and Facebook. It is always better to be “in the know” and included. And remember to appreciate all the hours that go into keeping us informed! 

As always---be safe, stay home as much as possible, stay healthy! Sierra Madre Civic Club Members are smart, talented, strong, and determined! Together we will get through all of this because we are flexible and fluid!


2019 Sierra Madre Civic Club Board