We may not have the colorful leaves of the East coast, but we have the beauty of a California fall. Temperatures are warmer than usual. We are enjoying basketball, baseball, and football as we think ahead about how special holidays will be celebrated! The holiday season of 2020- 2021 will undoubtedly be different due to pandemic restrictions. Civic Club is no exception to having to adapt and adjust to what is becoming the “new normal.” Members are continually looking for ways to support and make the community better even with the current complications. However, SMCC continues with as many traditions as possible---often with new creative approaches. 

We try to keep special celebrations alive and vibrant. We no longer meet in person, but we still have 40+ members join in our general Zoom meetings; we have new members who have jumped in becoming supportive and involved. Halloween Window Painting became Halloween Window Decorating with members cutting paper, delivering art papers and organizing crews to put up and take down the art created by families---a new spin on a longtime tradition enjoyed by the community. 

I think it is so special that we always start our General Meetings with something inspirational. Jill Girod has been providing us with such a wonderful variety of Inspirations---humorous, thoughtful, sincere. And our October meeting was preceded by our traditional quarterly social---a time to visit and catch up with each other---and see each other without masks. With the benefit of technology, Jill Franks was able to join us from Italy; now, that is dedication as she had to get up at 4:30AM! 

Certainly, a high point of our fund raising season has been the Make Believe Tea! What a creative, fun concept chaired by the talented team of Marcia Bent and Kathy Coyne. And fund-raising opportunities continue with a See’s Candy “store,” eat out opportunities, and Mary Bickel---our Queen of Egg Stuffing. In spite of the uncertainties, Club remains strong with members who are caring and supportive. I am so thankful to be part of such a group. 

I hope that everyone has the best Thanksgiving possible.


Rivers do not drink their own water;
Trees do not eat their own fruit;
The sun does not shine on itself and flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves.
Living for others is a rule of nature.
We are all born to help each other.
No matter how difficult it is…
Life is good when you are happy;
But much better when others are happy
Because of you. 

Pope Francis
October Inspiration, Jill Girod

2019 Sierra Madre Civic Club Board