Never in our wildest imagination could we predict what March and April 2020 would bring into our lives. Sierra Madre Civic Club members came to the March general meeting knowing we had very serious decisions to make. We were able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a sea of green and some Baileys. And then we had the discussion and the hard decision was made to cancel our Aloha Spring Luncheon, which is our major fundraiser for the year. As usual, members were supportive, sensible, and realistic, but saddened that we could not have our traditional fund raiser. Now, we as a club have the really hard work: what to do with the money from reservations; what to do with donated auction items; when do we hold the luncheon; what will we do about our traditional educational awards and philanthropies.

Little did we realize at that meeting how far reaching the changes in our lives would become. Did we ever expect “pandemic,” “safety at home,” and “social distancing,” would become part of our daily vocabulary as we navigate the “new normal” of our lives. There is nothing normal about our lives, but people, families, communities are resilient and adapt. And, that is what Club is trying to do; adapt to the new normal. Members are busy and hard at work coming up with ideas, suggestions for next steps about our luncheon, our meetings, our obligations. Things are not definite as life keeps changing, but for now, money will be returned for luncheon tickets; we will give the option of donating that money to club; auction items will either be returned to the donor or kept for next year; merchants who donated will be contacted on how they would like to handle their donations. 

We will not know about educational grants and philanthropies until we know how much money we will have, but we are going ahead with getting these areas organized so we can move forward when we decide. Please, please be sure to read the newsletter; check due dates; read e-blasts and e-mails. We are working on other ways to communicate, but for right now, this is it! I will try to keep everyone in the loop; I will try not to be too verbose! 

Thank you to all members who agreed to let the Board make final decisions. We all know that no decisions will make everyone happy, but I also know that Club members will support and accept whatever the decisions are. That is because that is who Club members are—kind, sensible, supportive hard-working ladies who want the best possible. And that is why in this time of utter turmoil, I know we will get through this as we have each other; we will remember to be thoughtful and considerate; we will look out for and after each other!

The Board has agreed that we will not

hold our April General Meeting.

2019 Sierra Madre Civic Club Board