I think it is a California tradition that we have a mega heat wave when it is time for the school year to begin and for life to switch from summer to fall! There is no exception this year; we have heat, thunderstorms and wild fires, but this year is different on so many other levels. We are in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic; nothing is normal; everything takes lots more time and planning. Our lives depend on technology; zoom meetings, zoom instruction, and social distancing.  

In spite of these constraints, Civic Club, with the talent of hard-working members, is moving forward! Our Vice Presidents are being creative and determined. Nancy Beckham, as 1st Vice President, Dean of Chairs, has her committees filled, organized and working. And in true Nancy fashion, she is working double time being supportive and helpful with new ideas and approaches. Our 2nd Vice President, Ways and Means, is an office held by Carol Cerrina and Geri Wright. They have the daunting task of helping Club raise the money so we can continue giving back to the community. They are collecting and supporting many ways to raise money from the new -- a “virtual tea” -- to much larger projects. The subcomittees continue on with the “traditional” fund raising -- recycling, online sales, and eat outs. Our 3rd Vice President, Membership, position is shared by Helen Stapenhorst and Gwen Robertson - - two busy ladies keeping track of current members, recruiting new members, and updating our roster.

Three separate Vice President positions, but in true Club fashion everyone helps, supports, and contributes to each other’s responsibilities -- a reminder of our motto of “friends working together!” And, together Club can accomplish anything!
We have new members (a special welcome to Jill Franks who we have put to work already!); we have perspective members; we have meetings to keep us connected and e-blasts to keep everyone in the loop. And, most important we have a lot being planned and to look forward to. Events may be different, but they will still happen and be fun, good, creative and supported. Sierra Madre Civic Club is determined, focused, and flexible in doing all we can to continue our tradition of supporting the community while adding to the quality of life and activities. Above all we will take care of and support each other and our activities while staying safe and healthy! What a pleasure to be part of such a group!


2019 Sierra Madre Civic Club Board