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While introducing a new member is one of my favorite activities as 3rd Vice President, sometimes it’s also fun to highlight one of our long-time members. 

This person has been a member for over 35 years. She joined Civic Club in 1983 at a time when Sierra Madre had a reclamation center and Club was committed to staffing the center for an entire month. Soon after she joined, she took on the daunting task of finding volunteers to fulfill Club’s obligation, a job she took on a second year as well. She served as Property Manager for four Club years. This was before we had a storage unit so I i m a g i n e i t w a s q u i t e a n organizational task to keep track of what Civic Club property was in whose garage or spare room closet or car trunk. She also served a year as President’s Aide.

This member also served on Club’s Board for many terms. She was Parliamentarian for one year, Treasurer for two years, First Vice President for a year, and President for two years. 

Even after marrying and moving nearly 200 miles away, she still managed to come to and support our luncheon fundraisers and to join us for our Birthday Meetings. And so, because of her dedication and service to Club, it is my privilege and pleasure to introduce Sierra Madre Civic Club’s newest honorary life member, Judy Young Zaretzka. 

   —Jane Zamanzadeh

Jennifer was born in Pasadena and raised in the area, mainly Duarte and San Dimas. But, in many ways, she is a child of Sierra Madre. Jennifer often accompanied her grandparents, Pat and De Alcorn, as they participated in numerous community events. She participated in the Huck Finn Derby, walked in the Fourth of July Parade with them and has even served as a “disaster victim” many times when the CERT teams are practicing for disasters. She has also been a regular at the Salad Luncheon in more recent years. Jennifer has three children ages 19, 16 and 14. (Perhaps another generation of Civic Club members!) She has a degree in Human Services and is currently working at Arcadia Methodist Hospital. Jennifer is excited about continuing the work of the Civic Club.

Wendy was born in Lancaster where her father worked for JPL at Edwards AFB. When she was 10, he was transferred to the JPL office in Pasadena so the family moved south. She went to La Canada High School and then on to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Wendy majored in child development with the intention of becoming a probation officer. Wendy likes to read, she likes flowers and they’re relandscaping their back yard, and both she and her husband love to travel. Wendy retired last year and joined Civic Club because she loves Sierra Madre and now has more time to volunteer. She said that she and Doug had so much fun at Huck Finn Day. I was told that he helped the kids unhook the fish, but Wendy says he mostly talked with everyone. So it sounds as if we’re not only gaining an enthusiastic new member, but also a Friend of Civic Club as well.

Diane was born and raised in Pasadena. She works with a local Real Estate Broker, Deasy, Penner & Podley. Diane met her husband, Bob, 24 years ago while taking two step lessons at a Woman’s Club. She knew Bob was a volunteer firefighter for Sierra Madre, so she was able to do a quick background check on him using an unimpeachable source, the mother of another Sierra Madre volunteer firefighter. They were engaged 2 years later. They love to ski, hike and backpack throughout the Sierras, and have lived on and off in Sierra Madre during their 22 years of marriage. Diane is a past member of Civic Club and served as Treasurer and Co-Chaired Ways and Means with Susan Clifton. She is excited to be returning to Club and is looking forward to giving back to this wonderful community we get to call home.

Yep. Write those puppies up and have them ready in time for the May meeting. Remember how it goes? Three copies: one for your binder; one for the Reports Chair (that’s me!); and one for your person in charge, which is the 1st VP for the regular chairs, the Ways & Means Chair for the money-raising chairs, and the President for the Board Members. If you can’t find your report form, e-mail me at and I’ll jet you one. —Maggie Ellis