Event Photos 


What a fast paced, successful event.
Thank yous and kudos to all the artisans and club members for making it great.

Photos: Birgitta Gerlinger and Maria Decker

Among the many great items on display were, clockwise from left to right: hats and scarves,
as shown by Pat Krok, Shoppe chair; pottery created by Ellen O’Leary and Heidi Hartman;
Snowmen and penguin ornaments knitted by Shirley Wolff; a delicate lace scarf created by
Shirley Wolff and modeled by Helen Stapenhorst; collage art by Virginia Mullaney.



Sierra Madre Civic Club members:
Vickie Vernon, Shannon Vandevelde, Chandy Shair, Mary Higgins, Karma Bell and Anita Thompson.

    Vickie and Karma sport their cute 
    Halloween headgear at the October meeting.

Delicious goodies provided by the Hostessing Committee helped make the
All Member Social festive and fun. Shown clockwise from left are: Kathy Coyne;
Dianna Damir and Ellen O’Leary; Joan Crow and Judie Cimino with Scarecrow #99,
Maxine Hart House; Pat Krok; Marlene Enmark, Bonnie Diener, Suzanne Decker,
Marcia Bent; Jane Zamanzadeh.! ! Photos: Birgitta Gerlinger

A Peek at Our Past...from Archives

In 1985 Civic Club was selling Confetti eggs
for $1.00 a dozen! 2nd Vice Presidents Anita Thompson and Suzanne Decker had
an egg contest. Members made egg pledges and in April of that year Judie Cimino
turned in 25 dozen. For her efforts, she received the pictured duck. I’m struck as to
how long we do certain projects and the members who year after year work on them. 

Civic Club has a very rich history. 
Joan Crow, Archivist

Judie Cimino, Mary Lou Caldwell, Carol Cerrina, Geri Wright, Sharon Murphy, Darlene Traxler, Virginia MuIlaney
Egg Sellers on the 3rd.    Photo: Birgitta Gerlinger

Alumni Acoustic band members, rear, from left to right, are Tom Bralley, Randy Brown, Leroy Larson,
Larry Larson, and Mike Franceschini. Civic Club members on hand for the photo were,
from left to right, Pat Krok, Joan Crow, Susan Clifton, Marcia Bent, Judy Webb-Martin, Irene Nakagawa,
Sue Quinn, Judie Cimino, and Colleen McKernan in back.    Photo: Maria Decker

Nancy Fox, Donna Mathisen, Pat Krok, Irene Nakagawa, and Nancy Beckham (Concert chair) get the cookies ready for selling;
Jeanne Martin, with balloons and basket, sells raffle tickets; 
Anita Thompson, Marcia Bent, and Geri Wright announce the raffle winners; 
Civic Club member Nancy Dorn is one of the lucky winners.

Having a good time at the Concert are Father John from St. Rita’s, Shinji Nakagawa, Irene Nakagawa,
Sue Quinn, Jane Zamanzadeh, Rufus Harris, and Judie Cimino in the back.
Photos: Birgitta Gerlinger


Pump Boys and Dinettes

Civic Club members were part of the full house that
viewed the delightful Pump Boys and Dinettes on July 15. 
We were thrilled that Artistic Director Christian Lebano
acknowledged Civic Club’s Philanthropy 
donation of the new poster frames. 

The frames light up at night and are absolutely beautiful. 
When you’re walking around town, take a look. 
Better yet, if you haven’t seen this fun production,
go see it before it closes. 

It’s been extended until August 12 so you still have time! 

Joan Crow and Irene Nakagawa


2018 Rose Parade:  City of Sierra Madre Entry 

2018 Rose Parade Princesses that rode on the float


Citizens of the Year 2017 - Rod & Joan Spears

Confetti Egg Stuffing Party

Confetti Sales Booth

Potluck Dinner

Stuffing Bags for Mt. Wilson Trail Race

Sierra Madre Window Painting Contest Support 2017